What is a Men’s Spa Treatment Really Like?

It is no secret that women have been enjoying the benefits of spas and saunas for years, but if you have taken notice, you’ll find that more and more are putting special men treatments on the menu. This is due to an increasing rate of guys who have found that a day at the spa is more rewarding then they had ever imagined.

If you stop by the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City for example, you’ll find a spa treatment that is geared specifically for the weary male traveler. This treatment has been designed for jet lag and fatigue and for 55 minutes, a guy will forget all about that in-flight food. It starts off with a special massage that infuses a special blend of essential oils that induce sleep. Then comes a face and scalp massage to further make you relax. This is certainly an enticing reason for CEO’s to stay at the Trump when in New York for business.

Facials are also big for men now, who enjoy having their personal skin care needs met. They can get a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and face mask, all of which is given over the course of an hour. Bearded guys can even hit the salon afterwards and get a professional beard trim and beard balm application. Beard balm is one of those luxuries that can take care of a beard and the skin underneath, but are often overlooked by men.


We can all agree that a man’s body has certain characteristics that require extra care in areas the women don’t typically think about. At the Nomi Spa, the man’s back is treated exclusively, with a treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and massage. The massage is given using a special blend of truffle oil, crushed black diamonds and silver spheres. This is the ultimate in luxury spa experiences for men, and one that should not be missed out on.

What Else Does the Spa Offer a Man?

In addition to special treatments, the amenities at a spa are also beneficial to men. They too can relax inside of a sauna and sweat away toxins, or enjoy a water therapy massage inside of a whirlpool. Spas may have originally been meant to pamper women, but men can also appreciate the finer things in life.

Book a trip today and see exactly what you have been missing that women have been keeping secret for years. A spa experience can provide you with the total body and mind care that you have been craving for years.

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Should You Have a Sauna At Home?

There is a fairly new product on the market that makes having a sauna experience at home simple. These devices come in many shapes and sizes, and claim to give the same benefit as a sauna in a spa. We did some research on our own to find out if the best portable infrared saunas are really worth the investment.

To be fair, the word investment is misleading. The first thing we noticed in our research is just how affordable a portable infrared sauna is. Seriously affordable. Plus with no installation costs worth mentioning, this is really a bargain for a home owner. But does it work?

What is a Portable Infrared Sauna?

The majority of spas and gyms you frequent will have what is known as a steam sauna. These encourage your body to sweat by using steam to raise its core temperature. To be perfectly honest, while it is relaxing, and with many health benefits, you do feel kind of sticky and gross when you leave.

An infrared sauna replaces the steam with high energy rays of light. Not only did we find this method to be effective at raising your temperature and causing you to sweat, it was with a lot less stickiness. You almost feel like you are just sitting underneath the sun rather than inside of a sauna. Plus, without all that moisture and steam floating around, we were able to kick back and read a magazine while the rays of light went to work.

Scientifically Speaking…

After some research online, we also found out that the infrared light is able to penetrate deeper into the body then steam does. That means it is stimulating deeper cells and forcing those to lose their toxic properties as well. In other words, you are getting a better cleansing experience from the portable infrared sauna then you do with a steam sauna.

The Portability Factor

Now there are some larger infrared saunas that while they say they are portable, I really wouldn’t see the point. Yes they are foldable, making them very easy to assemble, but where on earth would you be travelling to that you would absolutely have to have your six seater sauna with you?

Now other types are more practical in the portability department, and I could definitely see myself taking one with me on a business trip. These are tent like structures that allow your body to be immersed inside of the sauna while your head pokes out. That’s perfect for watching TV while your body is being rid of all its harmful toxins.


The verdict is that a portable infrared sauna is worth looking into if you absolutely love spending time in a sauna. Depending on the model, you don’t need much space, and you can enjoy the many benefits without having to check into a spa.

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Using Essential Oils to Enhance Your Sauna Experience

Whether first thing in the morning, or after a long day at work, a sauna provides the ideal environment to relax in. Not only mentally, but physically as well. By cleaning out the toxins in your body you will feel fantastic from the inside out. You can enhance that experience by using essential oils to add aromatherapy to your sauna.

diffuserThere are multiple benefits to a sauna, including an improved immune system, relief from tense muscles, and full body relaxation. Not to mention all of those built up toxins that are being broken down and secreted in your sweat. Your blood circulation will improve and your metabolism increase as you begin to make saunas a part of your daily routine.

A sauna has also been proven to improve on mood and mental state while decreasing anxiety. This benefit can be increased by infusing the air inside of the sauna with a blend of the right essential oils. Use an essential oil diffuser device (find the best ones at scentsationoil.com) with any one of these blends, and your sauna will become a relaxation event that you won’t want to come out of.

Peppermint – The strong scent of peppermint inside of your sauna will help to bring your mind to a state of peace. It is known to ease a headache and even take away feelings of nausea. If you experience joint pain from arthritis or carpals tunnel syndrome,  peppermint will also reduce the inflammation and treat sore muscles.

Eucalyptus – This is a great essential oil to try if you are congested or suffering from sinus headaches. Eucalyptus contains valuable medicinal properties that will also work at making you feel rejuvenated.

Tea Tree – Tea tree oil is a known antiseptic that will help clean your skin as it heats up from the sauna. The immune system is stimulated by the scent and it helps to bring you to a greater level of relaxation.

Lavender – The scent of lavender is beautiful, and will bring your mind to relaxed state quickly. A known anti-depressant, lavender is perfect for when you are suffering from anxiety. In addition to the stress relieving properties, it is also helpful in treating the symptoms of a cold and even headaches.

Pine – Pine can be used inside of a morning sauna, as it works at energizing your body for the day ahead. Like eucalyptus, the scent is also useful in easing respiratory distresses and clearing congestion.

Sandalwood – This essential oil is best used for an evening sauna as it promotes sleep. A natural mind relaxer, it works at relieving stress and improving balance. Some even find that the right amount of sandalwood acts as an aphrodisiac.

Birch – Individuals suffering from constant pain benefit from birch as it has been found to be extremely therapeutic. Arthritis suffers and those fibromyalgia have both benefitted from using this scent inside of their sauna.

Citrus – Like pine, the sweet smell of citrus is rejuvenating and a perfect start to your day. Not only does it give you added energy, it eases pain and refreshes your skin.

Most of these oils also work at disinfecting your sauna and purifying the atmosphere. Mix and match the ones that you will benefit from the most to get a truly luxurious sauna experience.

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Will Frequent Trips to the Sauna Mean More Work For Your Beard Trimmer?

Trips to the sauna are a great way to unwind after a long day while ridding your body of all those toxins you keep taking in. What many people don’t realize is that with the right tools, you can also use a sauna to improve your hair’s health and even encourage more growth.

The heat from a sauna not only makes you sweat and bring out toxins, it raises your entire body temperature, making this the perfect time to infuse your skin and hair with healthy oils that make your skin glow and your hair shine.

What You Will Need to Grow Healthy Hair in the Sauna

The list of items needed for healthy hair follicles is surprisingly small. Just 2 ounces each of palmetto, chamomile, lavender and rose hip oils. Plus an ounce of polysorbate 20 a tablespoon of silk extract and two multivitamins in capsule form.

Mixing Your Hair Growth Concoction

Blend together the four essential oils that have proven properties that promote hair growth. Add the emulsifier polysorbate 20 and the silk extract to the bowl and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Once heated break open the vitamin capsules and stir those into the mix as well. This will give you a perfect blend of vitamins and minerals essential to cleansing pores, clean skin and healthy hair.

Using the Mix on Your Hair

Apply the entire mix of your essential oil solution to your hair and scalp. For guys who are trying to grow a beard, do the same to the chin area of your face. Use a circular motion with your fingertips to stimulate the follicles, but don’t be surprised at the tingling sensation you will feel.

Sauna_FrauNow wrap your head firmly with a towel. If stimulating beard growth, tie it around the back of your head so that it covers the lower portion of your face securely. Now sit in the sauna for 30 minutes. Not only will you be getting the relaxing benefit that a sauna affords, and its many health benefits, you will be steaming the essential oils right into the hair and follicles. Not only does this stimulate your hair to grow more quickly, it strengthens the hair that has already grown in.

After applying this treatment for a few times, don’t be surprised when your hair suddenly appears thicker. The extra strength it provides prevents hair loss, while at the same time encouraging more growth. Beard wearers will want to make sure that they have a beard trimmer that is suitable for a thick mass of facial hair. Check out review sites to find one that can handle your newly grown beard, and don’t forget to condition it daily with a high quality beard balm.

With the number of toxins we are exposed to daily, it is usually our hair that takes the brunt of the damage. But with focused treatment using vitamins and minerals, you can restore your hairs health and replace the damaged strands with shiny new healthy ones.

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Who is Singing in the Sauna?

As a way to make customers feel more at ease entering the sauna, an all female pop band has emerged in Japan. Known as OFR48, this group of young Japanese women have taken singing in the sauna to new heights.

saunaIn Japan, it is common for sauna users to enter the facilities without any clothing. This causes many customers to shy away from the beneficial sauna out of embarrassment. Since they were shy about approaching staff, who are fully clothed, workers started to sing as a way to make them more comfortable. The concept worked, and the girls became a hit, even being asked to perform their popular “our customers are naked” anthem in larger venues. Coming soon will be the video to accompany the song.

Should You Really Sing in the Sauna?

There is not likely anyone on the planet who has not belted out a tune in the shower, but singing inside of the sauna is something different. If you are practicing to become a recording artist, it is not recommended that you sing while inside of your sauna.

If you take online singing lessons like those reviewed at musicaltraininghq.com, then you know the importance of keeping your vocal chords in good shape. Learning to sing online, you have been taught voice exercises and how to control your pitch and range. You were probably also warned about moisture, and how excessive moisture on the vocal chords can cause them to become damaged. While the occasional visit to the sauna should not be a problem, coupling that with exercising those chords at the same time will.

An Alternative

Even an aspiring artist can enjoy the benefit of a daily sauna if they choose the infrared variety over steam. Without the element of water, the vocal chords will not retain too much moisture. You should still not practice your online singing lessons inside though, as the work out you would be giving your chords can cause undue strain as your body temperature is higher than normal.

Since the sauna does help in keeping you healthy and ridding your body of toxins, you should not skip out on it just because you have begun to learn how to sing professionally. Instead, change to the infrared sauna and spend only 30 minutes at a time in there. Just make sure that your core body temperature has returned to normal before you resume your online singing lessons.

The ladies of Japan came up with an innovative solution that has turned into a big hit for them. You can still pursue your dream of singing a number one hit and benefit from a sauna so long as you take the right precautions afterwards.

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Tips For Going To The Sauna

"Highgrove Sauna" by Todtanis - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Highgrove Sauna” by TodtanisOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Going to a sauna can be a great experience. Not only will help you to relax, but it can also improve your health. To get the most out of your sauna experience, there are a few things you can do. Below we list some of our best tips for when you are going to the sauna.

1. Choose A Time – Going to a sauna is not something you rush through. You want to be able to sit back and enjoy it. To do this, you need to pick a time that is right for you. Don’t go when you have an appointment right after it. You don’t want to feel like your sauna time is rushed. Go when your schedule is free to enjoy your experience more.

2. What Your Food and Drink – Before going to a sauna, be sure you have had a lot of water. You will sweat a lot inside, and if you are not hydrated enough, you can become sick. Also don’t eat too much before you go in. Try to wait at least an hour after eating before you go in. Don’t forget to drink more water once you leave the sauna to replenish yourself.

3. Strip – While some people are uncomfortable with this, you should really wear as little as possible when you go into a sauna. If you are going in alone, there is little reason for modesty. If there are others inside, wear as little as you can while still feeling comfortable. Also, don’t wear any metal objects as these can become hot and burn you.

4. Grab A Towel – Before you go in, be sure to have a few towels with you. You’ll want one to sit on, one to wipe away sweat, and maybe even one to place under your feet. How many towels you bring in will be up to you, but you can’t go wrong grabbing a few before you go in.

5. Shower – Taking a shower before and after the sauna is a good idea. Doing so before allows you to clean yourself off before you start sweating, and doing it after allows you to get rid of the perspiration you will be covered in. If you want to cool off, a cold shower after your sauna is not a bad idea as well.

6. Adjustment Period – After you finish your trip to the sauna, give your body time to adjust. Wait at least twenty minutes before you get dressed in order to do this. If you are doing this at night, you may want to change right into your pajamas.

7. Health Risks – Before going to a sauna, you should be in relatively good health. If there are any concerns that heat, dehydration, or aerobic exercise that you may have, consult with your doctor before going into one just to be safe.

Hopefully these few tips will help you to enjoy your next sauna experience a little more. Saunas can can be great, and are even better when you know how to do them properly.


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Health Benefits of Saunas

"Sauna in pancevo". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Sauna in pancevo“. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Any one who has been in a sauna knows how relaxing it can be. Whether you just finished a long day at a work, a tough workout, or simply need to wind down, a comfortable sauna is one of the best ways to do it. Between the hot steam and the quiet place, a sauna is the ideal place for anyone to relax. But not only is a sauna great for relaxing, it is also good for your health. A trip to the sauna can have long lasting health benefits, more than simply a stress relief. If you have been considering going to a suana more often, let us convince you why that would be a great idea.

First, when you go into a sauna, you sweat a lot. Sweating allows your body to purge itself of toxins. So many different chemicals find their way into our system, whether it be through our food, our water, or even the air. No matter how clean you eat or drink, some of these toxins are going to find their way in. To get them back out, you need to sweat. You could go to the gym and run on the treadmill for an hour, or you could simply sit inside a sauna. While your body normally sweats out a little bit each day, when you go into a sauna, the amount increases dramatically.

The second health benefit is cardiovascular. When you sit in a sauna, you get the same effect you would when you complete mild exercise. While the heat of the sauna dilates the capillaries and improves the blood flow, your heart gets a tiny workout. Sitting in a sauna after your workout is like a bonus. You need to relax after a strenuous workout anyway, so why not get your heart a little bit more work at the same time? Your heart is one of the most important parts of your body to keep healthy. Sitting in a sauna doesn’t sound too bad in order to keep it healthy, does it?

While those are the two main benefits, there has also been evidence that going to a sauna can help with other conditions. These are Chronic fatigue, depression, arthritis and some skin conditions. If you are currently suffering from any of these ailments, it may help you to visit a sauna on a regular basis. The worst case scenario is that you spend some time sitting in a relaxing spa, so what do you have to lose?

Many people use a sauna to relax, but you can use it for more. If you have health concerns, a sauna may be the solution for you. If you are worried that a sauna may negatively impact your health, then you should consult with your doctor before attending one. For the rest of you though, you are in for a relaxing time, while also improving the overall health of your body. It doesn’t get much better than that!


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