Fred's Return

I have been working on a short story for the past couple of days (at least, I think it will be short, it is at the moment). The story started as a few fragmented ideas; a exiled knight seeking to return to his homeland and exact revenge, a nameless child with strange magic who threatens the world and the man who seeks to save the world by finding the child’s name. When I had tried to name the story, only one word came to mind: Cantanoric. It seemed to be a name, but I did not know what it belonged to, until this afternoon.

In a moment of wandering thought, my mind latched upon the phrase: ‘the great house Cantanor.’ Of course, the second thing that came to mind was a very large house named Cantanor, though that wasn’t exactly what I had meant. At least I don’t think that was what I meant. At that point everything became clear, the story took place in a very large (country-sized) building, with ‘greenhouse’ farms and no weather. Of course, this seemed reasonable at the time. Now it just seems strange, though I might be able to pull it off if I can think up a way to explain why and how the building was built and why they live in it.

Since I all but promised that I would post today, I began to fear the excuses were in order when I was away from home almost all day. Since I would have had to post them to satisfy the curiosity of some of my readers, I decided to draw something from today’s adventures.

I had been charged with the noble duty of assisting in the re-painting of a newly purchased house, belonging to a family I know through church. Since I did not know how to get there, I was given directions and sent on my way. I did not consult my directions as much as I should have it seems, I knew the first part fairly well, but somehow I managed to mess up somewhere in the middle, where my knowledge of the course grew dim. But that was not much of a problem; I still found the city I was aiming for (even if I did approach it from the wrong direction.) It was then that I became truly lost, it wasn’t even a very large town, but it was a labyrinth of streets, only a few of whose names I knew. I wandered for a while before I realized that is was a puzzle and put my keen mind to work (no laughing please). I had been supposed to approach the city from a different direction; I had a partial map and some street-names.

The problem now lay in putting this information together while driving through a city. I found that peripheral vision comes in very useful for reading directions while driving. (I know I should have pulled over or asked for directions, but that would have been admitting defeat. You can laugh at me now if you wish.)

And in the end I didn’t even get anything painted.