Aemenor Kirdrach

A legend has risen from fragmented ideas of Naevorian history. Perhaps the tale (which is not yet fully told) really did happen. Perhaps it is founded upon real happenings and a real person. I have yet to fully place when in the history of Naevoria the legend takes place, all I know is that it is before Rebel Dragon and after the coming of the Dragons.

The legend tells of the great king Aemenor Kirdrach (a corruption of the dragontongue word for Dragonlord) it tells of the founding of a noble order of knights and the construction of Whiteheart keep under his leadership and of a powerful magician and an enchanted sword. What happened to this order is told is many tales, many of which contradict themselves. What is universally known is that they died (or disappeared) at the hands of a young knight who turned the court against the king. All involved in the story died and Whiteheart keep fell into ruin.

But the legends tell of a time when Aemenor Kirdrach will return, his sword is still sheathed in the statue that remains in what was once the ruins of Whiteheart keep and is now the Council of Magic.