The history of Naevoria

I have now described the history of Naevoria up to the point where the plot of Rebel Dragon has been solidly set forth. (Skipping a few things such as the Legends of Aemenor Kirdrach and the Knights of Whiteheart keep.) From here I can only continue with extrapolation. (This probably won’t make much sense to those of you who haven’t read what I have already written. It might not make sense anyway. . .) Either Layn Fray or Jennstie Morianne stumbles across the orb at the council of magic and touches it, triggering a vision in which Eilldrich (in his fairy form) attempts to convince the bearer of the orb (either Jenn or Layn) to deliver the orb to either Kim or Ki’rianataes’roth. I am not sure how the bearer will react at this moment, and I am not sure whether the vision will be interrupted by another power.

What I do know is that the actions of the orb-bearer attempts to convince Eyreyandale to call of Kim’s heightened attacks, at which point the dragons learn who really killed Veyrenal (Visrey and the Taerans). When Eyreyandale tells Kim that he will deal with the Taerans himself, Kim challenges his brother (under the influence of the orb) and is cast down. Kim flees his brother’s anger with a band of followers (smaller than those who followed him before) he burns Kriegmoore (spectacularly) and retreats into hiding.

Visrey escapes from the burning of Kriegmoore (with Lisan) and is captured by Enderly and his small army as they were camped near Krigmoore, engaged in negotiations with the Taerans regarding the assassinations and Lisan’s captivity.

Eyreyandale uses the orb to aid Enderly in transporting his army to Lindera where they once more vanquish the ice-wraith army and slay Kim roth for the fourth time.

Enderly (now king of Lindera) is torn between sentencing Visrey to death for his crimes and pardoning him for his noble actions. In the end, he sentences Visrey to death but is somewhat relieved when Visrey escapes to lead the life of a wandering knight.

The story closes with the knowledge that Kim remains free despite his fall and that Ki’rianataes’roth lives on, though he has been slain.