A Character Development

In the process of writing a more detailed character description of K’randenmar (Rebel Dragon, the description was partially lost when the power went out) I realized that my characters are influenced almost completely by my world-building and plot-devising. I always start with a world or an idea of a plot rather than a character. This realization alone was not enough to change how I did things.

Later I decided that I would begin on the preliminary work for my National Novel Writing Month novel (November isn’t that far away). My fist thought, was (of course) to create the world/galaxy for where the story would be set. My second thought was to create a character and let the character decide some of the things about the world and plot (something that I knew was theoretically possible but had never seen in my own writing.) Now I will attempt to do something I have never done before. I will attempt to create a character while I still know very little about the world and the plot of the story.

Saevran Ilraida immediately took the dragon-orb to the council of magic, where he sold it to one of the high-ranking wizards for a very hefty price. Apparently, the wizard was foolish enough to believe that he could keep the orb against the Dragonlord’s will. When Eyreyandale located the orb his uncertainty was cast aside, when K’randenmar came this time to plead for action Eyreyandale relented and sent his brother to return the dragon-orb by any means possible.

The full council had arrived and the wizards were in the process of discussing the attack on Krygriel and deciding how they should react to it, when K’randenmar arrived with his dragons. The council chamber was torn open and the most powerful wizards of the council destroyed almost before they knew what was happening. The wizards that managed to survive the first assault were disorganized, scattered across the council grounds. As the burning continued the wizard who had the orb attempted to flee. When he was cornered by K’randenmar, he turned to the power of the orb. Eilldrich did not wish to be returned to Dragonridge, so he did as the wizard commanded, driving K’randenmar and his dragons away from the council of magic. He also took the wizard’s life.

The council of magic lay in ruins and many of the council members had died in the fire. But some lived on. The dragons had made clear what needed to be done. For the first time ever, the wizards of Naevoria decided to go to war.